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Session pricing for spring and Easter sessions

Spring and Easter session pricing for 2017

Pricing for these spring and easter sessions for 2017 is as follows.
All images will be delivered electronically via Dropbox. A CD is available for $10.
The Easter egg hunt is not included and has it’s own pricing.
*Booking a package below allows the option to do the add-on Easter egg hunt for a discount.

Package #A:
$10 sitting fee per child.
Includes: A gallery of the session images for viewing. There will be approx 5-15 images that will be hand edited and available for purchase. Each individual image is available for purchase at the rate of $35 each. To confirm, this package does not include any photos. They are available to purchase.**

Would you like more images to be included?

If you have one child you can go to Package B or Package C. If you have more than one child you will look down at Package C. In package C we get all the children together and different groupings. Along with individual shots as well. All of this of course depending on the children’s ages and temperament.

Package #B:
$80 package for only one child. (Multiple children go to package #C)
Includes: A portrait session in one of our Easter or spring sets for one child. Also includes 4 digital images (4 photos) that the photographer chooses and hand edits.**

Package #C:

$160 that includes a session for 1-4 children. (Additional kids $25 each)
Includes: A session in two of our Easter or springs sets for 1-4 children – as time allows. Additional children can be added for $25 each. When adding in children keep in mind it may limit our sets to accommodate that number. This package also includes all digital images (approximately 10-15 images) and they are hand edited.**

Add-ons available:
mini Easter Egg Hunt by JLP

$25 per child (discount of $10 per child for adding it on to your package above)
Includes: A mini Easter egg hunt for the kids to have fun and play while we catch candid photos of them. It also includes 5 digital images that photographer chooses and hand edits.
(Please bring as many plastic filled eggs that will fill their basket.)  We recommend filling them with non-edibles like stickers, dollars, notes, and toys. Once the eggs crack open they will want to eat the candy and chocolate does not look great in photos as they are chewing. It’s messy and it also gets all over their fingers and clothes. You can even leave them empty and give them a larger toy at the end.

jlp easter egg hunt 2017

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