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Mackenzie: 15 Days Old

This little girl already had a collection of bows + headband that her mommy brought in.  We love the new mommies and how excited they get when having a girl that they go all out and splurge even before baby is here.  Can you imagine her closet?  🙂  Just one of the many reasons why little girls are soooo much fun!

Mackenzie Newborn_1WEB


Mackenzie Newborn_2WEB


Mackenzie Newborn_3WEB


Mackenzie Newborn_4WEB


Mackenzie Newborn_5WEB


Mackenzie Newborn_6WEB

Grace: 1 Month Old

Sometimes, our newborns aren’t quite brand new but that’s okay.  We just never know how well they will do.  Lots of times, they surprise us and do better than a newborn who is a few days old and that is with this case.  Grace was awesome and we even got some with her eyes open.  She stayed alert for us during  the session which made it easy for us to capture her awake.  She is the cutest!  Thank you for choosing JLP!

Grace Newborn_1WEB


Grace Newborn_2WEB


Grace Newborn_3WEB


Grace Newborn_4WEB


Grace Newborn_5WEB

Cake Smash: Joey

No one knows Disney like this family, so what better theme than Mickey Mouse for a cake smash right?!  Joey did amazing as he held his smiles for us while chomping down on his cake, licked his fingers and made a mess of it all.  Those are the best cake smashes if you ask us!

Joey Cake Smash_1WEB


Joey Cake Smash_2WEB


Joey Cake Smash_3WEB


Joey Cake Smash_5WEB


Joey Cake Smash_4WEB







Zoey: 6 Days Old

Zoey is pretty scrumptious as you can see with those pouty little lips and a head full of hair. Wowzers! We adore her and her big brother who did great in front of our camera! Congratulations on your baby girl!

Zoey Newborn_5WEB


Zoey Newborn_1WEB


Zoey Newborn_2WEB


Zoey Newborn_3WEB


Zoey Newborn_4WEB