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Evan and his army

I wanted to share more information about Evan with you all. Evan is a very special little boy. When his mother was 20 weeks pregnant the doctor “found something in the heart that he wasn’t used to seeing.” After seeing a specialist, he told them there were in fact 3 tumors in his heart and he was the diagnosed with TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS COMPLEX. TSC is a disorder that cases non-malignant tumors to form in many different organs, primarily in the brain, eyes, heart, kidney, skin and lungs. It impacts the quality of life because of seizures, developmental delay, intellectual disability and autism. At birth, this little boy had too many heart tumors to count and while he was in the NICU, it was deteremined that he had several tumors in his brain, one in his left eye and cysts on his kidneys. He had his first set seizure at the age 2 months because of the brain tumors. At 14 months old he had to have an emergency open heart surgery to remove one of the tumors in his left ventrical. It had grown so large that is was compromising the heart function. His heart is currently doing great which is wonderful! The biggest complicaiton right now are the continued seizures. He currently has around 2 seizures a day despite being on three different seizure meds. They have already failed with four other drugs and one of them caused toxicity resulting in hospitalization. He is set to have a two phase brain surgery in a matter of weeks to remove “tubers” that are causing the majority of his seizures. Although this is not a cure, everyone is optomistic that this will lighten his seizure load. He is beating all sorts of odds and continues to show everyone what strenth really is. He currently sees an epileptologist, ophthamologist, dermatologist, cardiologist, neuropsychologist, nephrologist, hemarologist, an ENT doctor, a metabolic doctor, a dietitian and now a neurosurgeon. He reguluarly gets ultrasounds on his kidneys, MRIs of his brain, blood draws, speech and physical therapy along with echocardiograms. Every single time he is admitted to the hospital (which is too many to count) this family always gets compliments on his personality and demeanor. He NEVER cries for his IV starts and blood draws and he sits patiently while they perform their tests or procedures. Evan’s ARMY is the group of supporters for this little boy and they are a great group of people. Evan is the same age as Oliver and this story hits home with me on many levels. Hope to see you all at our fundraiser session!! Let’s all come together to help ease this families worries for this upcoming surgery. A donation of $75 per session will be made to this amazing family for each booked session. Only 5 available. E-mail JESSICALAKEPHOTO@GMAIL.COM


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