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Meet who’s behind JLP

A little about me, my life, and my passion…

My name is Jessica Lake and I am a photographer in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Our photography studio is is located in Cypress. When you don’t find me in the studio I am juggling life with my family. The reason I became a children’s photographer years ago. ┬áMy daughter- Olivia, my son- Oliver and their incredible father, all of which I am deeply in love.

Growing up I traveled all over. Living places that included overseas in Germany and England. Looking back I wonder if all of the sights prepared me for my love for photography. Although I didn’t truly realize how much I enjoyed it until I had my daughter in 2005. I wanted to capture all of those moments that would soon be forgotten. The smiles, spills, screams, songs and silly moments! As the world evolves around us we start to want to capture each and every moment and milestone. Stop yourself from doing this. Every time you take that photo, you miss seeing it. You miss seeing it! You miss experiencing it! Capture their monthly milestones with us in our Calendar Club program and leave the cameras for major events. Sorry! Off on a tangent.

I love studio work because we are able to control the lighting. We can do many looks in one session and we can also shoot year-round. On the other hand I adore shooting on location too! Capturing the real life locations and sunny weather. Both places we can get some posed but also silly and lifestyle shots. During the session I have been known to do some pretty silly things to get your little ones comfortable. Come on in…you’d be amazed at what you’d do too!

I love the glowing Mom’s, tiny newborns, and gummy smiles. The insane toddlers, shy tweens, and spunky seniors. This is what I live for and love. Soon all of these special times will pass and you will forever be able to look up at the portraits and smile inside, deep down, and remember your little baby boy gazing into your eyes or when your baby smashed his face into the cake at our cake smash session. This is why I love what I do. I love my job.

I look forward to capturing these special moments and holidays for you.

It all boils down to LOVE. I love to capture your love.