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2017 JLP Fall Sessions

*UPDATE: I have been extremely ill for the past month after posting all of these dates. Samples should have already been completely and I wasn’t physically able to make that happen. I’m trying as hard as I can to get them done quickly but I’ll update here and also email a newsletter out when they have been done. Thank you all for your patience and well wishes. I’m getting better day by day 🙂


What a year it has been!  Around this time every year I sit in disbelief when I realize how fast we grow, our children grow, our lives move, people move and how time continues to pass along with people who eventually do too.  I cannot stress how important it is to make and keep photos and videos of our loved ones to look back on and reminisce on the thoughts and feelings that these images provoke.  That is why I am here…to help you capture these moments that we often times cannot recall because we’re too busy enjoying and being in the moment that we don’t pick up our cameras.  Make it a point to have family photos done once a year no matter what because next year and the year after next, you’ll be glad you did!  Many families come to us each year for family photos.  It’s a great tradition and I love to see how each of you change from year to year, especially the children!

Now, with all of that said I’ve got some extremely exciting and amazing news to share with you. But, with that comes some scheduling challenges. My mother died last year from pancreatic cancer and she has always been in love with space. When she found out there was a company that would send human ashes into space she immediately told me about it and said that was what she wanted when she left this body. That was more than ten years ago. So now her time has come and her ashes will shoot all the way to the moons surface on a rocket! I am sooooo flippin’ excited!! I’m even crying while I’m writing this – happy and excited tears of course. Anyhow, the rocket launches from New Zealand anytime in Q4 this year (Oct-Dec). They still don’t have the exact dates, but the test launch was successful so it’s a GO!!! You can watch the test launch HERE if you’d like.  Warning: It gave me chills the first time I watched it. I’ve seen it many times since.  Once the launch date is released I’ll confirm my schedule is ok and notify any clients that may need rescheduling.  I’m hoping that everyone understands and helps me with the scheduling. Many clients feel this holiday time is so far away, and truthfully it isn’t and it will sneak up on you. Get your dates picked out now so you are set and thank you for reading this novel I seem to be writing 🙂


Back-to-School Sessions

Friday, September 29th from 4 to 6pm on-location at a local school

*There is no sample for this set. We will set up in front of real lockers with our school desk, books and a few more props*

Back-to-School Pricing

–$35 per child includes 2 images the photographer chooses
–Siblings scheduled together will receive a FREE photo together.
–Each session is approximately 5 minutes per child.
–Children ages 4 mos – 4/5th grade

Halloween Sessions



Friday, October 6th

*On-location Halloween set includes bales of hay, a spooky black fence, pumpkins and more pumpkins as shown here in this sample*

Saturday, October 7th

*In studio Halloween sets – 2 to choose from. One is a fall harvest set with no themed Halloween decor and the second is a more spooky set in black and white/cream with potions and cauldrons for some spooky fun!*

Sunday, October 8th

*On-location Halloween set where we will bring our black and white spookier decor outside. This set is great for siblings and kids of any age. Costumes will really pop in this set.*

Halloween Pricing

Package A: $10 sitting fee per child includes a 5 minute session.  It does not include any images. Images can be purchased individually for $35 each.  Gallery will include approximately 5-15 images to purchase from.

Package B: $80 package is for one child only and includes 4 digital images of photographer’s choice.

Package C: $160 package is for 1-4 children and includes all digital images (approximately 10-15 depending on children) *Additional siblings can be added for $30 each.

Family Sessions



Saturday, September 16th in the early evening

*Fall Field @ Irvine –the sample above on the far left from last year*

Sunday, September 17th in the morning

*Red Couch in the Park @ Long Beach — the sample above to the far right but at a simple grass park*

Saturday, October 7th in the afternoon

*Huntington Beach Library with no props but capturing the family in a woodsy background*


Sunday, October 8th in the afternoon

*Wreath Door @ a local park — A simple cream door with a beautiful holiday wreath, a bench in front and some holiday decor to finish out the set*


Saturday, October 28th

*Bench at the Lake @ El Dorado, Long Beach*


Any Wednesday through December

*Sculpture Garden @ Cerritos*


Family Session Pricing

Package A: $185 includes a 20 minute time slot with approx. 15 minutes spent shooting your session and a few minutes to meet & greet. It also includes 8 digital images of your choice. You have the option of adding all images from this session for an additional $150

Package B: $250 includes a 40 minute time slot with approx. 35 minutes spent shooting your session and a few minutes to meet & greet. This is a great deal because it includes all digital images (approximately 12-20, sometimes more).

**For large family portraits or if you’d like to add additional family members outside of your immediate family, please inquire for correct pricing**

Santa Sessions

11/10 pm, 11/11 am, 11/17 pm, 11/18 am

*In-studio with a a dreamy cream couch and soft curtain backdrop.*

Santa Session Pricing

$150 includes 5-10 minutes with Santa and 3 digital images of photographer’s choice.  This price covers 3 siblings. Additional siblings are $20 each. Additional cousins and adults are $35 each . There is an option to upgrade to receive all images (approximately 10-12 digital images) for only $30 more. Images are delivered digitally via DropBox online. COUPON NOT AVAIL FOR THIS SESSION.

(example: 1-3 children will receive 10-12 digital images that are hand edited for $180 total)


To book your session, e-mail me directly at or through my website here.  Please make sure you include which session you are interested in, date, location, a time preference and names and ages of children and any other information or special details you’d like to include and let us know about.  We will try to accommodate you by giving you a time that is closest to your request along with an invoice.  You will want to submit your payment within 5 days of receipt to secure your appointment date and time.  The session date and time will be released to the wait list after 5 days. If you’d like to make payments to secure this spot please email me. Please allow 72 hours for a reply due to the high volume of inquiries that we will be receiving.

*Images from every session will be delivered digitally via Dropbox with a print release form to print whatever you’d like.  Your images are available on a CD for $10 each BUT will also incur the taxes from the entire session fee as well.  If you would like this option, please mention this in your e-mail when booking so we can include it on your invoice.


New to JLP?  We’ve got a little something for just for you…







Back to School Sessions

Back to school sessions – Saturday, September 9th. 8:30am-1:30pm
–$35 per child includes 2 images the photographer chooses
–Siblings scheduled together will receive a FREE photo together.
–Each session is approximately 5 minutes per child.
–Children ages 4 mos – 4/5th grade ok for this set.

Session takes place at our studio located at 4549 Cerritos Avenue in Cypress, CA

Email to schedule your session. Payment due upon booking.


Patriotic Sessions!!!

Scheduling our patriotic sessions to celebrate the 4th of July! I have sessions at the park on Saturday morning and at the beach on Sunday evening!! E-mail me if you’re interested in booking a session


Tiki Time!!!!!

Package A – $10 session fee per child.

This package includes a gallery of 5-15 images. This package does not include any images. They can be purchased individually for $35 each. All images are delivered digitally.

Package B – $80

This package is for one child only and includes 4 digital images that the photographer chooses.

Package C – $160

This package is for multiple children or one child that wants all images. This package covers 1-4 children and includes all digital images that we capture (usually between 10-15 depending on the children) *Additional siblings can be added for $30